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In Buddhism, undifferentiated concepts of emptiness, nonduality, and the ultimate are often taken to mean “nonexistence.” This, however, is incompatible with Buddhism’s fundamental ethical principle of compassion. This paper intends to argue that this incompatibility arises from a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of emptiness. In section 1, I intend…

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The barbell back squat is arguably the single most important movement in any strength and conditioning program. That is, if your strength and conditioning programming does not include the barbell back squat in some capacity, you should reconsider your programming. …

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You will be hard-pressed to find someone who has not experienced some form of trauma or tragedy in their lives. Whether it is directly experienced by oneself, or by a loved one, those who have not fallen prey to the worst that Being has to offer are in the minority.

Two Ways of Interpreting Trauma and the Domino Effect

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Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting are very often confused with one another. Yet, despite their evident similarities, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting could not be further apart. In this piece, we will get into the details of how powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting are similar and different from one another.

Powerlifting: What is Powerlifting?

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In Being & Time, “anticipatory resoluteness” is the lifeblood of authenticity. Anticipatory resoluteness is a choice Dasein makes. However, it is unclear how much freedom there is in this choice. In choosing authenticity, how much reflective deliberation, voluntarism, or primordial acts of willing are involved? How “active” rather than “passive”…

Daniel Lehewych

Philosophy MA Student @ The CUNY Graduate Center

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