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In early September 2021, I fractured the ulnar styloid process of my wrist. I’m a powerlifter, so initially, I was devastated. The knee-jerk reaction was that I’d be out of commission indefinitely.

Luckily, my intuitions were proven wrong!

I’ve been working out at a nearly equal intensity as I was…

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Back in July 2021, I wrote a column for Newsweek discussing the political implications of Google’s lack of transparency. I used the phenomenon of troll-mobbing on pretty much any YouTube videos you can find involving Joe Biden as a hook for this piece. Nowhere in this column do I endorse…

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The barbell back squat is arguably the single most important movement in any strength and conditioning program. That is, if your strength and conditioning programming does not include the barbell back squat in some capacity, you should reconsider your programming. …

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As it stands, I have about 8 clients. I am happy with all of them. They are all willing to sign contracts that I issue them — or, if they issue a contract to me, these contracts are ethical in nature. Likewise, they all pay me on time and by…

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I derive genuine pleasure from helping others. There isn’t anything wrong with either such pleasure nor is there anything wrong with helping others in itself. …

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Before beginning, for those interested, I have written a substantially abridged and editorialized version of this more academic essay for Newsweek. Opinion columns are important and I am beyond grateful to Newsweek and my other major outlets for the chance to express my views. However, opinion columns that are longer…

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Millennials and laziness are intertwined terms. We are the generation, so it is said, that is entitled, politically correct, coddled, and unwilling to grow up. We’re those adult children who are afraid of growing up, mostly living at home with our parents, riddled with mental health problems, working less, and…

How do we Know When We Have Knowledge?

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To have an adequate theory of knowledge, various problems require precise resolutions. For instance, “What justification does S have for holding that P is true?” and “what justification do I have for holding that P is true?” What is familiar to these…

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You will be hard-pressed to find someone who has not experienced some form of trauma or tragedy in their lives. Whether it is directly experienced by oneself, or by a loved one, those who have not fallen prey to the worst that Being has to offer are in the minority.

Two Ways of Interpreting Trauma and the Domino Effect

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We’re all busy. Yet, we are not busy enough to justify not exercising. You’d be surprised at how little time you need to spend exercising every day to reap all of the benefits of exercising. Maybe you don’t have time to go on a 2-hour run or lift weights for…

Daniel Lehewych

Philosophy MA Student @ The CUNY Graduate Center

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